Redline Tango on the Yamaha Electone

If you’ve ever heard Redline Tango — or even if you haven’t — you need to check out this video.  This is 10-year-old Ami Saigo of Japan, performing “Redline Tango” in competition on the Yamaha Electone. (An “Electone” is an electronic organ, complete with two keyboards, foot pedals, an “expression pedal,” and drum sounds.) This video is both amazing and surreal. Ami won the Gold Medal for this performance.

Believe it or not, this is the second consecutive year that somebody in Japan arranged Redline Tango for Electone. If you think marching band is a niche thing, I think this trumps it.

I hope “Asphalt Cocktail” is someday deemed worthy of the full Electone treatment.


Michael Markowski says

This blows my mind a little bit.

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