Redline Attacks!

Courtesy of my web tracking (yes, you’re being watched), I found numerous referrals today from this site. Click and see why!

Tonight is the premiere of “Mass.” Wish me luck!


abacus says

You didn't need luck, silly - the piece is amazing! Congratulations on a smashing success. :)

Anonymous says

Watched? How does that work?

Anonymous says

Very awesome. It took me awhile to find it, but my guard is doing the first movement of Juba for our show. Upon finding that I've been going through a lot of your other pieces.

Anonymous says

After looking for Juba online for awhile, I finally found it when I was brought to your site. Our guard is doing it for our show this winter. Very awesome, quite possibly one of my favorite current pieces. After finding it I browsed around the site, all of this stuff is great.

John Mackey says

Wow - that's exciting! What school is it? Where? How can I reach your guard instructor? -John

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