Recording of Sax Concerto premiere posted

The recording of the world premiere performance of the “Concerto for Soprano Sax and Wind Ensemble” is now available for download. It’s nearly 25 minutes long, so I posted full MP3 files, not streaming files. There is some digital noise throughout the recording, primarily (and most unfortunately) in “Metal,” the concerto’s slow movement. I am hoping that the original master recording is clean. If so, I’ll re-post as soon as I receive it.

Okay, I completely goofed. The Dallas Wind Symphony is a professional union group, and as such, I can’t just go posting recordings of their performances without permission. While I expect permission to be granted, until it is, I took down the recording. It’ll probably be just a few days…

Here’s a shot of Jerry Junkin, rehearsing the Dallas Wind Symphony.

And just because, here’s a post-rehearsal martini.

I’ll post the full premiere debrief soon…


Alex says

This changed my life.

Cathy says

That is a stock Junkin look. Love it!!

Kim says

Fabulous premier. Good times. Great food. Tasty coctails. Thanks for sharing your talent, John! - Kim

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