Radio Interview – the audio

I’ve posted an MP3 of my recent radio interview. The show was an hour long, so it’s a huge file, but if you’re incredibly bored and have bandwidth to spare, here’s the file. Don’t bother listening to the music, though; it’s heavily compressed for radio broadcast, so it sounds pretty bad. You can hear good recordings of all of the pieces here on the site, so just skip over the music parts.

I’m off to the American Bandmasters Association convention tomorrow afternoon in College Station, Texas. The TCU Wind Ensemble is performing the last movement of my Soprano Sax Concerto at 8pm on Thursday, and the UT Wind Ensemble is performing “Kingfishers Catch Fire” at 9pm on Thursday. UT is using seven antiphonal trumpets in the piece, which should be pretty exciting. Cocktails, of course, will follow the performance.

Sorry to be so brief, but I need to make some more progress on this orchestration before I leave tomorrow…


Kevin Howlett says

Why did Michael Daugherty get mad? Rad Cape Tango doesn't sound anything like Red Line Tango...not to me anyways.

N. Macura says

Great interview. I'm a regular reader of your blog, and your voice sounds exactly like I imagined.

(That's not meant to be creepy or anything...I just think it's interesting to compare the way people write and the way they talk.)

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