I read today that Victoria Beckham — a new resident of LA — won’t become a Scientologist because, as she put it, “there’s no way I’d spend any money on that nonsense.” That’s right. She won’t become a Scientologist, at least partially because it’s a rip-off. She feels the same way about Kabbala: too expensive. (Kabbala bracelets are nearly $30.)

She was, however, willing to pay $44,000 to have her teeth whitened. Learning of her sense of priorities, AEJ and I have to say that we now find her a bit more appealing than we did in the past. Plus, her husband has a good haircut.

I’m off to FSU tomorrow for performances of “Turbine” and “Strange Humors.” The program also includes Jonathan Newman’s piece, “As the Scent of Spring Rain.” Full report to follow!


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