Photos high and low

Just a few assorted pictures from the past few days…

On Thursday, we went to the Fifth Avenue Apple Store to pick up an iPhone 4. It was a hot day, and the line was huge (this must be the busiest Apple Store in the world), but the line moved quickly, and we were in and out in less than 90 minutes. (Compare that to my experience at The Domain Apple Store in Austin, where it took six hours to buy an iPad on launch day. I hate you, The Domain Apple Store.  You are truly the worst Apple Store in the world.  Fifth Avenue Apple Store?  I love you.)

I was not the only person there with a camera.

Jeez. See what I mean?

It was a fun morning — the way a big Apple launch should be. (The iPhone 4, by the way, is very slick.)

On Sunday, we ventured to Brooklyn to check out Brooklyn Heights and the Brooklyn Promenade. We had brunch at a place called Heights Cafe. I only had my wide-angle lens with me, and I’d never tried shooting food with it.  Looks kinda weird.  (Tasty brunch, though.)

Tonight, I went up to our building’s huge shared roof deck for the first time.  (It spans the entire building, which spans an entire city block.)  This is looking east.

The building is on 7th Avenue between 24th & 25th Streets. Here’s a shot looking up 7th Avenue.

Here’s the same direction an hour later.

And here’s a shot looking south towards the financial district.  The nearby buildings look small, but they’re not.  (I was up over 20 stories.)  I love being surrounded by buildings and lights as far as you can see.

Coming up later this week… A haircut on Thursday with my old stylist (need to get this hair fixed), a concert on Friday (a joint performance at Lincoln Center with the New York Philharmonic and the West Point Band), and dinner at Eleven Madison Park on Saturday.

I love this city.


Kevin Howlett says

If you love it so much, why don't you MARRY it????????

OH SNAP NO HE DIN'T *BONK* toilet bowl

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