Parties, shopping, and printing

This was a good weekend.

On Friday, the new printer arrived. It’s a tank — it required completely rearranging the closet to make it fit — but it’s nice. Crazy-fast, double-sided, 1200 dpi printing.

Saturday was spent on A Mission. Home Depot opened their first Manhattan store on Friday, and AJ and I were anxious to check it out first thing on Saturday. Breakfast followed by a stop at ABC Carpet & Home (I really want a natural white cowhide rug — any thoughts?) followed by a visit to Home Depot. Stepping into Home Depot in Manhattan is like stepping through a doorway to America. Huge aisles filled with people buying doorknobs. (Who knew there were so many different styles of glass knobs?) It gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling. AJ & I browsed and picked out a few items — a light bulb, a microfiber cleaning cloth to wipe the TV screen, and some Swiffer dusters — and then waited in the huge line to check out. Everybody working at the store was almost excessively helpful. “This is my department,” they’d say with pride, “so just ask if I can help you with anything, like finding the best drill bit.” Where are the New Yorkers? How long until the helpful staff disappears from the floor, leaving only self-loathing, bitter, rude “help?” This place has self check-out, too! Who ever heard of the honor system in NY? A fine shopping experience. I hope it stays like that.

Next it was a tasty lunch at Danny Meyer’s outdoor restaurant, The Shake Shack. After waiting in line for 10 minutes to order, and waiting another 15 for the food, it was a delicious lunch. My only complaint — the music. In honor of it being September 11, there was live music. This consisted of the most earnest people you’ve ever heard singing things like, “We all fight for Jesus/We all fight for Allah/We all die for Jesus/We all die for Allah/Jesus!/Allah!/Jesus!/Allah!/Ahhhhh!” Oy. I mean, if you’re going to sing that while I’m eating my happy little tasty burger, drinking my happy little shake, and enjoying one of the last beautiful days of summer, could you at least use more than two bad chords?

Next it was uptown to shop for shoes. For a few weeks I’ve been looking for shoes to replace the shoes that Loki (my cat) has destroyed. I found some good shoes last week but they were too expensive. Saturday yielded success, and I now have a great new pair.

Saturday night was a party. It was hosted by a man who funded one of my commissions this year. He has the largest home I’ve ever seen — anywhere. It’s roughly 10,000 feet. Keep in mind – this is in Manhattan. It’s a brownstone, plus half of the brownstone next door (walls were knocked down to make a 40-foot wide living room), plus an added floor on top, plus the jacuzzi on the roof. It’s amazing. The food, drinks, and company were just as good.

Yesterday was supposed to be Apple Store Day. AJ called them to confirm that they had the new iMacs on display (she has already ordered one, but wanted to see it in person), and she was told they, in fact, had them on display. Well, we got down there, and there were no iMacs to be found. When she confronted a store employee, AJ was told that whomever answered the phone had “lied.” What’s the point of that? Did they think we’d buy something after being lied to?!

Last night, I prepared Robert’s score for printing. It’s going to be a lot of work to create the parts for this piece, as I wrote it for playback, not performance. That is, when the computer plays something back, it plays it literally. If you want a very rapid crescendo, you can’t just put a hairpin with “molto” inside of it. Well, you can, but to get the best effect, you might put “p” under the first note, “mp” under the second, and so on, ending with “fff” on the last note, for example. Problem is, that looks silly and messy to a real human player, so those things need to be undone and replaced with said hairpin + “molto” in the printed parts. It’s a lot of work.

Robert’s first rehearsal is this afternoon. I’m excited to see what he does. I’m also excited to wear my new shoes.


abacus says

Clearly the Apple Store needs to get some of the Home Depot people to man the phones.

Still, you're right, it was a great weekend. And your shoes rule.

Newman says

except you know, in Sibelius, you can just adjust how quick and big each hairpin plays back, on the fly, no matter what it looks like on the page. So no complaining will be accepted...

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