Pack ’em up

AEJ and I have been talking about moving for several months. She’s a screenwriter, and it’s nearly impossible to get that kind of work in New York. Los Angeles is where all of the action happens.

We started looking at places using LA Craigslist, and we found a place that looks amazing. Great neighborhood, views of a reservoir, a large deck facing that reservoir, washer & drier, central air, 50% bigger than our current two apartments combined… Kind of perfect, it seemed. The place is an enormous duplex, and the owners of the building live in the rear 2/3 of the property, so it’s important that we all get along. They were understandably reluctant to rent to somebody they hadn’t met in person, but we won’t be able to get out to LA until early August, and by then this place would certainly be gone. We chatted on the phone several times over the past few days, hoping to convince them that we were nice, put in an application last night, and this morning, we found out…

We got it.

Suddenly, I’m terrified. We’re moving 3000 miles away. That’s right: as of September 1, we’ll be living in Los Angeles.

I’m still a little in shock about it. But when I look at the living room, it seems like it’s going to be okay…


jim says

Wooooooooow... where is the place in LA?


Kevin Howlett says

Looks beautiful, John!

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