Pac-Man purchases — part 1

I’m feeling much less cranky today. Really, what is there to be so upset about, when there are happy things in the world like “vintage” electronic Pac-Man games?

When I was pretty young — maybe 8? — I got sick and had to spend a few days in the hospital. When you get hospitalized as a child, people bring you toys. My grandparents brought me an awesome hand-held Pac-Man game. I played that thing endlessly until I got my first computer (a Commodore 64), and the computer took over the gaming duties. But I had a great two years with that Pac-Man game.

As with most toys from childhood, the game is long gone, probably abandoned while packing for one of the many housing moves during my childhood. But thanks to the wonder that is Ebay, I found another one. $5 later (plus, like, $15 shipping), I again have my Pac-Man game. Here, Loki is somehow not as excited as I am.

Check out the sweet design, in stunning Pac-Man Yellow! (I’m sure that’s a Martha paint color.)

And those graphics!

Good times, good times. I’m going to crank up my Christopher Cross cassettes and play me some Pac-Man. This weekend is going to rule.


Sarah says

i miss loki!

well, and you and abby, of course.

Lissajeen says

Part One?

Daniel Montoya, Jr. says

When the wind is right, you can sail away...

Nikk Pilato says

Just be sure not to get caught between the moon and New York City. I hear that's pretty painful.

How's it going, John? Hope you are doing well.

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