On the road again and again and again

The crazy travel schedule is about to start again. Here’s what’s coming up…

December 18-22 : Midwest Clinic in Chicago (performances of the Sax Concerto and Kingfishers Catch Fire)
January 10-12 : Central Oklahoma honor band (premiere of “Clocking”)
February 6-10 : University of Texas at Austin (performance of the Sax Concerto)
February 13-16 : Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) convention (performances of Kingfishers Catch Fire with the All-State Symphonic Band, Turning with the 4A All-State Band, and Strange Humors with Poteet High School — the Texas Honor Band.)
February 25-27 : University of Georgia (performance of the Sax Concerto)
March 2 : University of Georgia (recording of the Sax Concerto)
March 4 – 7 : Baylor University (performance of the Sax Concerto)
March 13 – 15 : Regional CBDNA convention in Omaha (performances of Turbine and Turning)
March 20 – 22 : Regional CBDNA convention in Reno (performances of Sax Concerto and Redline Tango)

And for no reason at all, here’s a picture of me taking a picture of myself reflected in one of our Christmas ornaments — with AEJ peeking over my shoulder. (That enormous lens is the Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS.)


Hans says

...you should write a concerto for tuba...

Julia Kogan says

Hi John, this really made me laugh, thanks for posting it. I wrote you, possibly twice, about the Nabokov song we talked about earlier. Is mail getting to you? I thought I would try this as a last ditch effort.

All the best,

Cathy says

I'll see you at Midwest & TMEA!!! Maybe when you come to UT before TMEA, we can get together and have a drink or something. We go see this great 80s band on Wednesday nights.... LOL

Sarah says

I might just have to drive up to Austin in February to hear that sax concerto. Is Harvey Pittel playing it?

Scott says

What time/where are the two pieces being play? We're going to be there Thursday and Friday and we're suppossed to see at least 1 concert. Sure like to see Kingfisher...

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