Off to Seattle: Trip #2

In a few hours, I’m heading to the airport, on my way to Seattle. This will be the second week (of 28 total days this season) of my Music Alive! residency with the Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestra. As I did last time, I plan to regularly post blog entries while I’m there.

I’m not particularly excited about the cross-country flight. 6 hours is a long time to sit in coach. Fortunately, I have my iPod, loaded with over 40 GB of music (granted, most of it is crap, as my friends will tell you), and a copy of The Da Vinci Code. (How cliched am I?!)

If you’re reading this, and you have been to Seattle (or happen to live there), and you have any suggestions of fun activities, let me know. It looks like I’ll have a bit of free time while I’m out there.

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Anonymous says

Pike's Place Market was a real treat to visit when I was in Seattle last November.

But then, what I thought was awesome may be the every-day to you...considering that I went to Seattle from the sleepy little town of Beaumont, TX; whereas you're going there from The City That Never Sleeps. Ah,'s a suggestion nonetheless. ;) Hope you have fun.


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