Off to Florida

I’m leaving first thing tomorrow morning for my week in Florida. I fly tomorrow at 7am from LAX to Orlando. First up (and I do mean first up – as in, I can’t believe I how early I’ll be getting up) on Monday morning will be the AP Music Theory class at University High School. (The class starts a little after 7am — EASTERN. I’ll be on West Coast time, and I normally sleep until 9am here — but that class will feel like it’s happening at 4am. I wonder what sort of asinine things I’ll say at that hour.)

Then, that night, there’s a lecture/performance with the University High School Band, conducted by Philip Obado. Phil is going to do “Strange HumorsandRedline Tango,” as well as Michael Markowski‘s “Shadow Rituals” (recent winner of the Frank Ticheli Young Band Competition Contest). Michael will be there as well. David Waybright, Director of Bands at the University of Florida, will be part of the panel, too. That concert is Monday night at, I believe, 7:30pm.

First thing Tuesday morning, Dave Waybright and I get in his car and drive from Orlando to Gainesville (where University of Florida is located). I’ll spend a few days on campus, working with the players, and hopefully the student composers, all leading up to the U. Florida performance of “Turbine” on Thursday night.

Should be a fun trip! Pictures to come!


Anonymous says

When you're back in L.A. -- and because I appreciate your food critiques...this might be worth investigating...

-- Senex

Anonymous says

Great meeting you in Florida. The Strange Humor music was great! I still think Red-Line Tango was the best still =0.

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