Now it’s time to shop!

I “finished” the score for this Juilliard commission two nights ago. I’ll keep tinkering with it until the first rehearsal on Monday, but it’s essentially finished. I think it’s fine. I’ve tried writing in a minimalist style before, but I usually tire of it after about 3 bars. This time, though, the material is really limited, and stays that way for the full 13 minutes of the piece.

At 13 minutes, it’s also my longest single-movement piece. I don’t know if that’s a good thing.

I’m getting a new printer tomorrow. Now I’ll be able to print 11×17 scores — double-sided! — at home. That will be a lot nicer than printing 8.5×14 scores and blowing them up. I’ll also be able to print parts at 11×14. (Good lord — if this is the type of blog content we have to look forward to, this may well be the most boring blog of all time.)

Speaking of parts, I have three orders for materials for “Damn.” That piece is 6 years old, and nobody has mentioned it since the premiere. Now, thanks to its appearance in the Olympics with the US Synchronized Swim Team, people are actually finding it. I have NewMusicBox to thank for that.

I really, really want this lamp.

I just need to sell a few more sets of “Damn” first!


abacus says

Don't worry. You're nowhere near the most boring blog in the world yet. You could describe all the various weights and brightnesses of the papers you're going to use, and the particular technologies employed in your toner cartridges, and you still wouldn't get there. And not only because this is the internet, so there are people who think that sort of thing is fascinating.

Fear not. Blog on.

Newman says

Dude. Duplex printing! Smaller text! I just don't know what to do with myself!
Best. Blog. Ever.

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