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This is a pretty amazing problem to have: I’m out of Redline Tango sets. Before I left New York, I made 15 sets of parts, figuring that would be enough for, well, ever. It’s a rental item, so schools send back the parts after the performance, and I can reuse the materials. I figured there was no way more than 15 schools would have parts at the same time.

I was wrong. I sent out my last set today. (Actually three sets went out today — CSU Stanislaus, where Stuart Sims is doing the piece three (!!) times this year; CSU Long Beach, which is just down the road from my new place in LA; and Youngstown State University in Ohio.)

The real complaint here is that in NY, I had “access” to a free photocopy machine. (I’ll just leave it at that.) Here, though, I have to pay to make my own copies. Can you believe the hardship?

In other news, I’m off to Columbus, Ohio — my original home town — next Sunday. The wind ensemble there is doing “Redline Tango” at a concert on October 25. Then, a few days later, I drive up to Ann Arbor for a performance at the University of Michigan — Ohio State’s biggest rival. Remind me not to wear any OSU memorabilia once I arrive at UMich, lest I get my ass kicked. I’m trying to decide if I’ll even mention the “other” performance at either school…


The Percussionist says

Well, your work with the bands at OSU were greatly apprecated. Let that not be forgotten.

But, you should also know that Professor Blatti and Dr. Mickelson prepared us for that: They warned us you were going to that place up North a few days later.

After the booing and hissing was over, a voice said from the back: "Well, at least he's coming here first. Mackey knows his priorities!"


Thanks for all your help.

Jackie Forman
The Ohio State University

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