New Sax Concerto recording

The United States Navy Band recently released a CD containing my Soprano Sax Concerto with Timothy Roberts playing the solo part, and Captain George Thompson conducting.  The recording is really fantastic, and I think it’s the best one out there right now.  And best of all — it’s free.  In case you didn’t get a copy of the physical CD — called Command Performance — during the Midwest Clinic, you can download — yes, download, not stream! — the full recording from this website.

My sincere thanks to Timothy Roberts for his artistry and dedication to the piece, the Navy Band’s enlisted conductor MUCS Michael J. Schmitz for his tremendous help during the rehearsals and throughout the recording process, and to the entire band for playing the piece so well.

And thank you to the government for making this recording public domain!


Patrick H says

Wow, you're right! They're even better than the previous recordings. I noticed a lot of parts that I hadn't heard before.

Daniel L says

Hmmm, as far as the rest of the band goes, it sure is better than the previous recordings.
As for Timothy Roberts, he's definitely fantastic and he certainly plays with a bit more control as opposed to the soloists in the recordings that used to be on this site, but IMO I found the grittier tone of the other soloists to be just a weensie bit more preferable ;]

Rod S says

Hi John.

Mike Schmitz and I are from the same county in Iowa. I always wondered what happened to him and now I know!

JunMo Lee says

Hey John, I've been involved with band ever since middle school and man, everytime I hear something that triggers my hair to stand is your music!

I always remember Timothy Roberts playing the sax concerto at Lake Braddock with the Lake Braddock Symphonic Band, directed by Roy Holder. I was in middle school back then but gosh that concert was just loaded with good music (James Barnes' premiere of 6th symphony, lonely beach, sax concerto, etc). it was such an electrifying performance.

Please, keep writing music!

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