New page : travel

This isn’t particularly exciting, but I’ve added my travel schedule to the site. This shows, as of now, where I’m headed over the next year for gigs. I’m sure I’ll forget to update it, but for those looking to become certified stalkers, you’ll know where to find me.

Gotta run. Wataru is coming over for dinner, and there are key lime bars and spicy orange-flavored chicken to prepare!


R says

Japan!?!? Wow, this is the world tour, I want a tour t-shirt.


Cathy says

I hope you get a few more days in Japan than what's on that schedule. I'm not sure exactly where that city is but I've never been anywhere in Japan that didn't have somewhere cool and interesting and beautiful within a 20-30 minute train ride.

Michael Markowski says

I call dibs on driving you around when you come back to Tempe.

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