Sorry for the lack of postings for a few days. I’ve been in San Antonio for the Texas Music Educators Association conference, and since I was there on my own dime, I was reluctant to pay $15/day for Internets — especially since I was barely in my room, even to sleep. It was a great couple of days — two fantastic performances (Texas A&M Kingsville did a crazy-good job on Redline Tango, and the 5A All-State Concert Band blasted away at Sasparilla — hee haw!), made lots of new friends (many of whom have now found me on MySpace), and had lots of cocktails. I took loads of photos, of course, and will post them in a full debrief entry within the next few days as time allows.

Right now, though, I’m off to bed. I’m now in Lexington, Kentucky, and tomorrow is my first rehearsal of “Turbine.” I’ve never heard a note of it live, so I’m both incredibly excited and terrified. There’s nothing like hearing a piece for the first time.

So — more to come soon, I promise!


Quinton Jones says

I was just wondering if there was a recording of turbine anywhere and if I might be able to get a copy of it? I heard it performed by the OSU Wind Symphony and instantly fell in love with the composition!

Quinton Jones

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