Yes, I know, I swore I wouldn’t do this, but I started a MySpace account. Why? I’ve no idea. But since I put it up — with no content — about 3 days ago, several people I know (but haven’t heard from in ages) tracked me down on MySpace to say hello. So, maybe it works. But it does feel a little weird being roughly 15 years older than anybody else on there, I must say.

If you have a MySpace account, go to my page and become my friend.

Wow, that sounds completely pathetic.

But to tempt you at least a little, I’ll tell you a little secret… There’s a recording of the original orchestra version of Redline Tango on my MySpace page — and it’s nowhere else. Shhh…


jim says

I wouldn't sweat it. David Gillingham is on myspace. If David Gillingham is doing it, the gloves are off.

Anonymous says

AGH let me download it.....!


Lisa says

And I'm soooo glad that you did! Welcome to myspace sweetie!...Love from your big sister...Lisa *Muah*

Anonymous says

MySpace is coming out with a new better version of there myspace site on another site named FriendWise starting early march it will be another social networking community site with alot more features. I guess to stay ahead of other sites like TagWorld and the Facebook coming out like also i heard it will be called i guess well just have to see if FriendWise happens.

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