My Current Delusion

Truthiness tells me that I receive countless emails from people offering to send me gifts to show their gratitude for what I do.* “You are like a king to me, Mr. Mackey. Is there anything you desire?” Usually I just email back with a condescending smile (what’s the emoticon for that?), and say, “no, just keep being you. That’s all I ask.”

Well, it appears that Bergdorf Goodman — the fancy-schmancy store in NYC where one might even find high-end mouse shoes — has finally produced an appropriate tribute. I present to you “Turbine” cuff links and studs.

Yes, it’s true. Here’s the link. As you’ll see, the cuff links are a little expensive at $2,850, but the studs (which are probably much more appropriate, if you know what I’m sayin’) are a bargain at $2,650.

So, if you’re a real fan, you’ll buy these for me. Or, you can wait until next year, when I’m pretty sure somebody will start selling “Sasparillabelt buckles.

* Although this statement is full of truthiness, the “truth” is that the bulk of my emails are offers for “VfIAGRA,” “Russian Teens,” and notes about how bad my blog sucks.


Daniel Montoya, Jr. says

I;m waiting for the "Damn" Dental Dams...

not that I need them or anything...

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