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I’ve been playing a lot of Grand Theft Auto 4, but during breaks, I turn back to Guitar Hero III. But I wonder… Where is “Back in Black” by AC/DC? Wouldn’t that be an awesome Guitar Hero song? I found a YouTube video of somebody playing it, but it’s some custom file.

Another that I’d love to play, even though (or maybe particularly because) it’s by a second-rate 80’s glam metal band, is “Round and Round” by RATT. Wouldn’t that rule? Sadly, “Round and Round” is only on Guitar Hero II — which you can’t play on the PS3. Booooo.

Maybe I should be writing music.


Nikk says

What about "Save all your Love" by Great White? "Free" by the Christian metal band Stryper? Dream Warriors by Dokken? "Metal Health" by Quiet Riot?

I tell ya...they'd clean up with old fogey metalheads if they released a game called "Guitar Hero IV: The Metal Years."

Mark S. says

I'm glad people don't dress like that anymore D:

I though baggy pants and extraordinarily large shrits were bad D:

Cathy says

I think they need to make the older versions of Guitar Hero available for Wii 'cause I honestly don't like/know most of the songs on the version that is available. Thank goodness for Mario...he's SUPER!

Jon says

John Mackey, you are amazing. I love your music and I can't believe you are still hip enough to play these games! It gives me hope.

Regarding Guitar Hero...I've always thought, wouldn't it be great for them to develop a program that would let you use your own mp3 files, the system would process the file, and turn it into a playable version on GH?

jim says

Warren DeMartini rules!

(that should send a few people googlin'...)

Paul J. says

If you really want to wade into the dreck how about "She's only 17" by Winger? Great lyrics (by great I mean hilarious).

Kevin Howlett says

Just get a copy of Guitar Hero 2 for the PS2. The PS3 should play it.

Mark S. says

I've always wondered how a classical oriented game would work.

Like Violin hero, featuring the music of Shostakovich, Hindemith, Carter, and other greats...

Jonathan says

Scott says

'Violin Hero' is a genius idea. Too bad it would not be a big seller, but I would never stop playing.

Travis Taylor says

What button would you push for Pizzicato!?


Mark S. says

don't worry about that.

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