More work at Demolition House

Our contractor mailed us a CD of photos a few days ago, and he and his crew are working like crazy. Here are a few pictures of the progress…

Here, they demo the old tile floor in the family room. This doesn’t look fun.

Before (as in, before we bought the house)…

Currently… No more tile, new baseboards, and now there’s a doorway into the bedroom. Oh, and the place is trashed — in a good way.

Here, they smooth the new ceiling. The original ceiling was “popcorn” or “cottage cheese” or “zitty” or whatever you prefer to call it. I’m totally getting stilts like that.

Here’s the ceiling with new sheetrock, new insulation, the “rustic wooden beam” now clad in sheetrock, and — my favorite part — holes cut and wire run for surround speakers.

One of the loads of garbage…

… and more garbage. Anybody want any carpet? I’ll make you a sweet deal.

We think the place has been painted by now, and the wood floors go in after that. The movers come to pack us on Wednesday, and the truck will be here on Thursday morning. Hopefully the new floors will be in at the new house by the time we get there on Sunday…


Erin says

Stilts are scary/fun! My brother-in-law is a contractor that does a lot of specialized drywall work, and he let me try them once. Once you get over the initial freakout of being 3ft taller, and 3ft further from the ground, balancing wasn't that difficult.

It is really a sight watching my bro maneuver scaffolding and ladders all on stilts. Yes, stilts on top of a scaffold!

Travis Taylor says

It was only a few years ago (six to be exact) that I helped my dad build our house, applying the wall putty is not fun at all, especially because you have to sand every bit of it to make it even with the sheet rock.

I applaud you for taking out every single bit of carpet. Carpet is just a breeding ground for mold, diseases, viruses and dirt, even if you're the cleanest people in the world. It would work, unless you had someone vacuuming 24/7. The only downfall is you've got to be really careful with hardwood floors, they can crack, warp and swell, and can be scratched by movers.

Hope you enjoy your new house!


Mark S. says

looks like fun.

Maybe you should write a piece about this experience :D

Melissa says

Good luck! Call when you get your heads above water!!!

Linny says

Why Austin?

Andrew Hackard says

Because Austin kicks ASS, Linny!

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