More House Work

I’m selling my old TV.  If you live in Austin and are looking for a 60″ set, let me know.  The Craigslist posting is here.

I’m also selling a full set of speakers — fronts, center, surrounds, and their stands. Info on that will be coming soon. (Those can be shipped; the TV, not so much.)

What’s happening at MackeyHouse?  Why are we replacing stuff?  Well, we’re finally implementing AEJ’s interior design for the family room! Here’s how it looked about 10 days ago.

Since then, we’ve changed that overhead light, finally installing the huge 30-arm black crystal chandelier I wrote about ages ago… (This is just a preview; it’s not quite this minimal.  I will say that wiring a 30-arm chandelier is a bitch.)

… and we’re in the process of re-framing and re-facing the fireplace. It’s a totally new shape now, and we’re tiling it in marble and black glass. Totally pimpin’.

The room is going to be rock-n-roll when it’s done. A big ol’ white box filled with shiny black things with just a touch of China.  The design goal for the room is “Elvis Goes to China.”  Imagine an Elvis movie in 1969, where Elvis goes to China, probably to drive racing boats and defeat communism.  Maybe it’s called, like, “Speedboat Shanghai.”  This would be Elvis’s “Hi-Fi” room, you know, where he takes the ladies to listen to music after winning the big race.  Or something.

Stay tuned!


Cathy says

Listening to John Mackey music?? ;) Sounds like it'll look great you guys. Happy Thanksgiving!

Montoya says

How much you want for the cat?

Fosco! says

I did my living room in a concept called "Shanghai Surprise." Oh wait.

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