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I’ve been chugging away on the Soprano Sax Concerto. If you don’t believe me, just ask AEJ. I played excerpts for her for the first time today. She, for good and bad, confirmed my instincts — that one movement is going really well, and the other movement needs a little somethin’-somethin’. I think I know what that sump’n-sump’n is, thanks to her.

When I’m not working, I’m taking lots and lots of pictures with the new toy. I love this picture of the CostCo-brand Tylenol, on top of a recipe for Pepper Crusted Filet Mignon in an issue of Cook’s Illustrated. The photo looks doctored, like I did some crazy processing in Photoshop, but this is straight from the camera.

Here are two of those crazy-colored pills on our sofa.

If you play with pills on the sofa, Loki gets very interested.

This is my new headshot — a self-portrait, taken with the ultra-wide angle lens. Incredibly flattering, I think, and it makes me look super smart. And intense. I’m pretty sure that’s what the ladies love.

Last night, we made Rice Krispies Treats. They were delicious. It felt like I was 7 years old. You just have to change the Rice Krispy / marshmallow ratio to make them a little softer — a little trick I learned from my sister.

Today, I got a new lens attachment that lets me take much more close-up photos than I could before. I took a few pictures of my vast book collection.

And look! More pills. Don’t they look yummy?!

Mr. Kitty.

And just to prove to the doubters that yes, I am writing music, here’s a little sample — with my favorite accent!

Tonight, we went out for sushi — my favorite food — at a restaurant called Jinpachi in West Hollywood. Here is Japanese red snapper with Hawaiian sea salt, chili sauce, yuzu, and garlic chips. Mmmmm…

Not the best photo, but here is yellowtail with cilantro, yuzu, garlic, and jalapeno. Again… mmmm….

And finally, a sushi plate, with eel, yellowtail, salmon, blue fin tuna, and toro. Just delicious.

I swear, if I could afford to spend $100 on dinner every night, I’d eat sushi daily. Maybe someday. Your Band Booster dollars at work…


Michael Markowski says

For some reason, I can't help but think of this Salad Fingers character when I look at your self portrait:


Kevin Howlett says

You looks like Agent Smith after Neo done jumped inside him.

I like the housetops when I write too, my friend.

Your cat is pretty.

jim says

The Mystery of Chimney Rock -- that was the one with the black cat on the cover, right? That book TOTALLY RULED!!!

Travis Taylor says

"Your cat is pretty."

--Kevin Howlett.

From now on, this is my favorite quote from Kevin. Especially taken out of context.


John Mackey says

Blogger won't let me post a new blog entry. I'm wondering if it will let me add a comment to my own blog...

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