MIA for a few days

Well, the G5 is going back to the Apple Store tomorrow morning. I got it back last night, after a week being “repaired,” and guess what — they didn’t fix anything. They told me I had a bad video card. So, I swapped the video card again (this is now my third video card), brought the new card home this morning, installed it, started up, and BAM — was smacked with the same problem I’ve had all along. After spending 45 minutes on the phone with AppleCare, they directed me to bring the machine back to Apple again, and this time, I’m bringing the 30″ monitor, too.

It’s going to be a bitch.

Fortunately, AEJ is going to help me (I couldn’t possibly do it alone), and my buddy at the store has pulled some strings to get it prompt attention this time around. It’s also good that I’m leaving for Seattle on Friday, so I won’t be around my home machine anyway, so I won’t miss it. I just hope that when I get back to town, they’ll have figured out what the hell has been wrong. I also hope the machine is ready when I return, because I have to spend the second half of May generating new parts for the revised orchestra version of Redline Tango.

So, with no computer tomorrow or Friday, then a flight all afternoon and evening on Friday, and a busy schedule in Seattle on Saturday, I may not get a chance to blog again until Sunday. Until then, I hope you’ll amuse yourself with this.


Travis Taylor says

Seems like your having more problems then I've ever had with my computer. Gladly, it's not a mac. ;)


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