Merry Christmas!

Back from a busy and exhausting trip to Chicago for the Midwest Clinic. I had two great performances, saw old friends, met lots of new people, had some tasty food, a few cocktails, and got into an argument with some dumb-ass drunk who mis-overheard something he thought I said — but I didn’t say. (Him: “You should be careful what you say to people, because you never know who is listening.” Me: “That’s not what I said.” Him: “Fine, but I know what I heard.” Me: “You’re a dumb ass.” It went kind of like that.)

It was good to get home on time — which is a lot luckier than what I’ve heard from friends who were hugely delayed by the weather that arrived shortly after I left. It was also good to sleep 13 hours the night I got home. I’m getting too old for Midwest.

I’ll write a full debrief soon, but today, it’s Christmas Eve, and there are cozier things to do — like admiring what AEJ did while I was gone. She made Loki his own stocking! Is that the cutest thing or what?!

She also made little name labels for our stockings. Cozy time!

Stay tuned for the Midwest debrief, but until then — Merry Christmas!


Nikk says

I had your back, dude. I can't believe that douche was still talking after you had left. Guess he had to feel like the big man in front of his "date."

John says

You totally had my back, Nikk. I was just relieved I was drinking from a cocktail glass rather than a beer bottle, or I might have busted it over the dude's head.
Hope you finally made it out of Chicago! (You were the one I was specifically sympathizing with above, and have linked to your blog accordingly.)

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