Meeting all my DJ needs

I know I don’t need another watch — but I do kind of need a Dr. Beat on my wrist, right? How many times have I tried to figure out a tempo with no means to do so? Whether it be at rehearsal, a performance, or while working, there have been plenty of times when I’ve wished I had a tiny Dr. Beat with that tempo “tap” button so I could determine tempo. Well, that wish has been granted — and from my favorite little Japanese watch company, no less!

Yes, it’s the BPM Watch! Awe. Some. I’m totally ordering it. Oh, and it also has a mini-torch (presumably LED, not flame), so if I ever find myself trapped in a pitch-black car trunk or something, I’ll be able to figure out where I am. (No, I’m not just using that to justify the purchase. Seriously, you never know when you’ll get stuck in a trunk. I can’t stop patting myself on the back for finding a watch that’s so practical…)


Steve says

Ok, I actually *want* one of those. That's cool. Is there some sort of futuristic-watch-blog that you find all these on?

Montoya says

I have to have one of these too!!!!!

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