Just got back from the final tech rehearsal for “Mass.” There had been some concern about the level of amplification we’d be using in the performances this weekend. (Long story short, Robert Battle and I want it loud, and the Juilliard administration wants it to sound “more natural.”)

We — or rather, Lucas, the sound engineer — solved the delay issue this afternoon, and that made a huge difference. What was happening was that you’d hear the hi-hat through the sound system a split-second before you’d hear it acoustically. (The musicians are all on stage, but way in the back of the stage.) Lukas took some measurements and applied more delay to the sound system so that everything matches perfectly now. Physics is cool.

(Speaking of which, are physics cool, or is physics cool? We had this conversation during rehearsal. Can you have a physic? Can you be, like, “this physic is cool,” or do you have to say, “physics are cool.” Or “physics is cool?” No idea. Please comment with the correct answer.)

Anyway, the sound is great now. Very present, and hopefully with plenty of “oomph” in the right places. My thanks to Lucas.

I’m heading downtown for my monthly haircut, then to tonight’s final dress rehearsal. If you’re in NY this weekend, I hope you’ll check out the world premiere of “Mass!”


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