I’m back from a quick two-stop trip over the weekend. It started on Friday, when I flew up to the California central valley for a performance of “Strange Humors” with the Lodi High School Honor Band, conducted by David Vickerman.

The performance was at PM Hutchins Street Square, which in the past has hosted performances by such luminaries as 70’s “magician,” Gallagher…

… and New Age “musician” George Winston!

The concert had theatrical lighting and video projections. Here, David conducts a performance of Steve Bryant’s piece, “Dusk.”

Hey, I’m up next!

The performance — and the djembe soloist in particular — was awesome.

Here, David thanks the donors, including this monkey.

It was David’s final concert with the band before he leaves to attend grad school. The band and the parents gave him a warm send-off.

And the band gave me perhaps the coolest souvenir I’ve ever received from an ensemble — the head of a djembe, destroyed during a particularly enthusiastic rehearsal, signed by the entire band.

Thanks for the great visit!


Michael Zuniga says

I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm very greatful you were able to come visit our little town and experience a concert such as this. Mr. Vickerman and the rest of the band are greatly thankful for your time, and keep writing amazing music!

Michael Zuniga- Bass Clarinet

Dante Rabang says

Mr. Mackey, I was truly honored to have played your piece for you. I was extremely nervous that day because I would have never thought I'd get to play for a composer of your caliber. I'm grateful for your visit to little old Lodi (Which is only on the California map because of A&W *random fact no. 157*). I wanted you to sign the djembe, but Vick said no. Hahaha.

Oh! And by the way... I speak english fluently. =]
¡Yo hablo inglés muy bien! =]

Dave says

John - thanks for coming out man. Obviously the students really enjoyed it. And I am glad you caught on to the monkey sponsors. They were a bit hard to deal with considering they would fling their poo at me when I tried to ask for more money, but in the end good sense won out....

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