Links ‘n’ Such

First up, a few interesting links to report.
Here’s a story about my recent visit with the composers at the University of Kansas.

This has to be my favorite blog entry in a long time. Any blog entry with me as the subject has to get a link!

The Cabrillo Contemporary Music Festival has announced their upcoming season. Here’s the program that includes the orchestra version of Redline Tango.

In other news, I’ve just posted a few new audio files. The big one is the premiere performance of “Sasparilla,” which happened on Sunday afternoon at Lamar University. Check it out, and let me know what you think.

I also just posted the recording of H. Robert Reynolds’ performance of “Redline Tango” at USC on April 3. There are absolutely no edits to the recording, and I pulled it directly from the CD of the concert. A lot of people have been asking to hear this when it arrived, so here it is.

Happy clicking!


Daniel Montoya, Jr. says

m3U!! Why can't I get a good ole fashioned mp3 of REDLINE?!?! Grrr....

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