L.A. County Fair!

Yesterday we spent the afternoon at the Los Angeles County Fair. I doubt that most of the participants actually came from LA (the 4H horse club riders were all from Orange County, which was not a surprise), but rather than question the authenticity of the “locals,” we embraced the fair with an open mind and open wallet.

First up… coneys from Pink’s. I had mine with chili, cheese, kraut, and onion. AEJ opted for no kraut. The chili was better than the dogs themselves — this was no Gray’s Papaya — but still very fun and tasty. And only $12.40!

We tried to see the Family Talent Show, thinking an LA talent show would be a hoot, but we got there a few minutes too late. In the same building, though, was a very weird “Time Machine” — a series of incredibly inaccurate displays for each decade. Here’s the “Time Warp Diner.” You’ll see that it’s quite authentic for the 1950s, complete with stainless steel appliances and, um, a compact microwave oven. Just like they had at Al’s on Happy Days.

The American 1960’s: The only decade that lasted 20 years.

Not sure if you can make it out in the picture, but all of those prize ribbons are for second place. “LA : where everybody is second place.” Or something like that. What has happened to this country? Can’t anybody lose anymore?

Here are some very cute baby goats. They look like deformed dogs, which was pretty adorable (much cuter than it sounds).

That’s me, havin’ fun at the LA County Fair! I kind of like the haunted, faceless pigs surrounding me.

Here’s a pulled pork sandwich that we tried. $6.50, I think, and really, really nasty. Shouldn’t pulled pork be chewable? How much gristle is too much? If you say 5 pieces in the first bite is too much gristle, then avoid this sandwich.

We had to do something to get the nasty pork out of our minds, so we went here.

Now THAT is good eatin’. The batter had a hint of cinnamon. Lovely.

Merry Christmas, everybody! What, it’s not even Halloween yet? Don’t tell these prize-winning trees.

Here’s a donkey.

We played several games of Skee-Ball. It was lots of fun, and I actually won a prize for AEJ!

Here’s her prize.

Ack! I think the colors in this picture nearly gave my camera a seizure.

If we’d had enough “ride tickets,” we might have stopped in the Cuckoo Haus. ‘Cause what’s more zany and “cuckoo” than Germans? (My favorite part is the German soldier feeding beer to the smurf nun in the top-right. That’s just cuckoo!)

That’s it — our first visit to the LA County Fair. A fun afternoon, and hopefully next year, we can also catch the demolition derby. Until then…


Robert from Tulsa says

"Here's her prize." haha, good stuff.

KS from LA says

Looks like fun!
hope you don't mind my asking a little info-
like, how many "tickets" for each ride?

ralphs has a $28 for two admission, 10 ride coupons, two hot dogs and two drinks.......worth it?

thanks for the info and the photos!

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