Kitchen remodel – part 1

Our cat, Loki, somehow ended up with a Facebook page yesterday.  Loki already has more than 70 friends, including Jerry Junkin, and Loki has been appointed an officer in the I Love John Mackey facebook page. The funniest thing about this is that I’m not even the one running Loki’s page. (Seriously.)

I’ll say one thing about Loki: his comments on Facebook are a little snarky (for example, his favorite music, according to his page, is Steve Mackey). You be good, kitty; I’m the one who feeds you.

After some damn spectacular design and remodeling in our family room and living room, AEJ is now tackling the kitchen. The demolition starts on Tuesday. Why would we want to remodel the kitchen? What could possibly be worth being completely without a kitchen for at least 3 weeks? Well, part of it is the fact that this room –

– looks into this kitchen:

Where to begin? The formica countertops with overmount sink?

Or maybe this ginormous peninsula that completely cuts off the room?

Wait! What was that awesome lighting source in the last picture? AWESOME! It’s a huge florescent overhead light! And look how it accentuates the oh-so-hip popcorn ceiling!

If you enjoy cooking as much as we do, you’ll appreciate what a joy it is to cook on this old electric cooktop. Who needs gas? Being able to immediately adjust cooking temperature is so overrated.

How about this lovely shot of the backsplash (of sorts) with off-white ill-fitting switches and outlets, complete with some kind of weird permanent sap-like goo oozing through the cabinets above?

And where the attached family room features this light fixture, an enormous 48″ black crystal 30-bulb chandelier…

… the kitchen lighting currently features this.

The remodel plan includes a new floor plan, new cabinets (going up to the ceiling), flooring to match the black-finished wood flooring in the rest of the house, an island, new ultra-thick countertops, a new undermount sink, a fully-integrated ultra-energy-efficient refrigerator, a fully-integrated panel-covered dishwasher, a massive dual fuel (gas and electric) range, a hood with warming shelf, a built-in (!!!) coffee maker (pretty excited about that — it even makes layered espresso and milk drinks), and a crazy wall oven that also serves as a toaster, microwave, convection oven, and warming drawer, and it never has to preheat. It’s going to be crazy-awesome, once it’s finally finished. More pictures to follow soon!

In the meantime, AEJ and I are going to go pack up the kitchen, and Loki is going to play on Facebook.


Dan says

Hello Mr. Maykey! My name is Dan and I play oboe in the Flour Bluff High School band and we host a compatition every year called Southcoast Music Festival. Well at our last round of bands I was very fortunate to hear your piece "Strange Humors". I fell in love with the piece and the moment I got home I put it on my iPod! I would just like to say your works are extreamly amazing and you are one of my insperations in music. Your workds are the coolest pieces of music that I've ever herd and when I herd them it blew the Grainger right out of my ears! haha. Just wanted to say thanks for writing such awesome music and keep on going!


( P.S. sorry about posting this in the wrong place or something im not really a blog guy haha and also, I ran across a judge at this compatition named Bob and i can't remember his last name but he had your phone number in his cell phone and I wanted him to call you so I could talk to you! haha)

( P.S.S. your house is freakin beautiful!)

Mark S. says

That florescent light is so retro. You should definately keep it.

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