I’m heading to the University of Kansas this morning to work with Scott Weiss (to whom Redline Tango is dedicated) and Vince Gnojek on their upcoming performance of my Concerto for Soprano Sax and Wind Ensemble. The concert is on Sunday afternoon — but I have absolutely nothing to do on Saturday. If you live in Lawrence, Kansas, and want to entertain me, I’m accepting offers.


Kevin Howlett says

Unfortunately I live in North Platte, NE. If I thought my car would make it I'd come down and check it out. The only thing to do here is drink and play Super C on my NES emulator.

Liz Love says


I live in Lincoln, Nebraska and I will be at the concert on Sunday (Vince is a very good friend of mine), but unfortunately I'm driving down just that morning. I am a saxophone player and was at UT-Austin for your rehearsal of the same piece with Mr. Pittel and the Wind Ensemble. I told you then, but again - I love your music and that piece is truly incredible. I hope you enjoy the Midwest and I can't wait to hear your music again!

-Liz Love, senior music education major at University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Avguste Antonov says

Hey John
I wish I could be in Lawrence,but unfortunately,I cannot be there.
Wish you all the best for the recording

Paul Popiel says

Hey John.

It was good to see you on your quick trip to Lawrence. If you haven't heard, the concert went well today and Vince and the band were great - your Concerto is in good hands. Looking forward to hanging with you again next weekend and laying down the tracks for the recording.


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