I think I have a new favorite restaurant here in Austin: South Congress Cafe. (Don’t worry, Trudy’s; you’re still up in the top two.) We went to South Congress Cafe for lunch a few weeks ago (it’s just a few blocks from where I get my hair cut), and we tried it for dinner on Saturday. It was a mob, but holy smokes, it was delicious. Great food, good service, a full bar (with 3 different flavors of Grey Goose!), good wine… and did I mention the great food? Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera, but the next time we go — and we’ll be going again soon, I’m sure — I’ll take some pictures. But in the meantime…

A few weeks ago, AEJ and I had dinner with the Junkins at a restaurant here in Austin called Jeffrey’s (not to be confused with the SNL-parodied clothing store in Manhattan, which you can tell is way too cool for school from their all-black-and-white-text-only website). Jeffrey’s — the restaurant — is a much more approachable experience, and considerably tastier.

AEJ started with this awesome tuna tartare.

I started with beef carpaccio.

For her main course, AEJ had a steak with this awesome scalloped potato thing. Man alive, it was a tasty treat. (The steak is hiding behind the potato thing.)

I opted for the fish, which I have to say was… delicious.

Deserts, unfortunately, were really ugly. Oh wait – no they weren’t.

Everything was great. It’s a lot pricier than, say, South Congress Cafe, but it makes for a lovely and tasty evening.

Now I’m starving. What the hell is for dinner?


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