I’ve been accepted into Yale, Princeton, and Harvard

I’ve recently been accepted into Yale, Harvard, and Princeton. I know you’re as shocked as I am, considering I’m generally an all-around stupidhead, but yes, I’ve been accepted into all three. And I didn’t even apply! They all contacted me individually on their own and asked, “would you come and be a part of our institution?”

Well, their music libraries, at least.

Breakdown Tango” is going to the Yale music library, the original chamber version of “Strange Humors” is now at the Harvard music library, and both the orchestral and band scores for “Redline Tango” are in the Princeton music library.

After several years of feeling a little inadequate next to AEJ and her Princeton degree, well, no longer! Go Princeton Tigers! (and their awesome marching band, too)


Nikk says

Best. Marching. Band. EVER.

Steve says

I went to a Princeton/Columbia football game a couple of years ago. The marching bands were by far the best part of the afternoon. If marching band had been like THAT when I was in college, I would've been a tad bit more enthusiastic about the whole endeavor...

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