It’s Reigning Saxes

If you live near Dallas, mark your calendar! The world premiere performance of my Concerto for Soprano Saxophone and Band will be Tuesday, October 23, at Meyerson Concert Hall, with Don Fabian, soloist, and the Dallas Wind Symphony, conducted by Jerry Junkin. I just read the concert blurb on their website and saw that they’re also doing my piece, “Sasparilla,” on the program. They’re calling the program, “Mackey’s Back!” Nice. The blurb, and the whole concert season, is worth checking out, so click here to see it.

And here’s yet another superfluous picture of Loki.


Montoya says

Any word on when UT will go it?

...and I think it woulda been far sexier had the DWS titled it, "We're bringing MackeyBack!"

Nikk says

Some random thoughts:

-Oooh, a rock star!
-That cat's either got the bluest eyes ever, or your camera has a nice colour feature.
-That's a sweet house...if I was going to stay in Florida, I'd buy it. You know...if I had money, that is.
-Any corps doing a piece of yours this year?
-Don't remember if I told you, but...the premiere of the Schwantner went exceedingly well...I'll send you a recording sometime later.
-Hope everything is ok.

Courtney says

Sweet. That DWS group looks pretty cool.

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