I’m done(ish)!

I finished orchestrating “Sasparilla” yesterday, and spent much of this morning on the long process of making it look presentable. Curious about the materials? Here’s a PDF of two pages. That excerpt looks pretty awful, with lots of collisions and poor spacing, but that will all be fixed over the next few days.

The CBDNA convention last week was a big success. Redline Tango seemed to be well received, and Steve Peterson and the Ithaca College Wind Ensemble did a great job in a not-so-great hall. I got a chance to hear the two best college wind bands I’ve ever heard — Michican and USC. Both will be doing Redline Tango soon — Michigan this fall, and USC in early April — and I’ll be at both performances. They’re going to be pretty spectacular. I’ve never heard brass players like I heard at the USC concert.

The NY premiere of Circus Maximus was, as expected, earth-shattering. Literally. If you weren’t there to feel Carnegie Hall’s structure shake, you missed out. AEJ told Corigliano that it was the best piece of art in any medium that she’s experienced in the past 5 years. Both of us sort of broke down when we finally got to talk to him backstage after the performance. It was amazing to feel like we were in the presence of true greatness, but feel that way about somebody with whom we’re actually friends. It made me regress to the way I felt when I first met Corligliano, before we ever got to know each other. I felt strangely unworthy to be talking to him — and on Sunday, it was after knowing him for 10 years.

I suppose I should get back to work on the score. I want to send the parts to Scott Weiss at Lamar within the next week if possible, and then I’m off to Seattle for a week. March, April, and May will be crazy with travel — LA (for the USC concert), Kansas (for the University of Kansas performance and recording session), Texas (for the premiere of Sasparilla), and Seattle again, all in successive weekends in April, followed by two more weeks in Seattle in May. I can’t wait for June; jury duty will feel like quite a vacation after this spring!


Phil Giampietro says

mr. mackey - i think i speak for everyone in the ithaca college wind ensemble when i say that we loved performing your piece this year and found your visit and appreciative nature to be fantastic. hopefully we'll be playing another or your pieces soon!

phil giampietro (principle euphonium, and the guy you sat next to at chili's)
ps - can we get those pictures you took??

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