Anybody have an MP3 recording of Warren Benson’s “The Passing Bell?” If it’s a good recording, would you email it to me? Doesn’t seem to be a commercial recording available. I just bought the score, but it’s kind of a drag looking at it without being able to hear it.

And I think the new piece will actually have a waterphone in it. According to Mark Steighner, it’s not an impossible instrument to obtain, and wow — I just love the sound. So, this will likely be the “playable piece that never gets played because nobody has a waterphone” piece. Cursed samples…

(EDIT) As Montoya has pointed out, Ghost Train and UFO both use waterphone, and those certainly get played, so this should be fine. Woo hoo!


Daniel Montoya, Jr. says

Eric uses a waterphone in GHOST TRAIN... and so does Daugherty in U.F.O. Doesn't seem to stop the folks from playing their music.

Daniel Montoya, Jr. says

Yay for underused intruments! Now if you can only sneak the water gong into this piece...

hmmm... WATERphone... WATER gong... me smells a theme/motif coming on...?

lisa says

I will check for the Benson recording. Mike wrote part of his Masters paper on him, so he might know something....

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