If you enjoyed “August Rush…”

I watched “American Idol” this week, as I always do, and I will admit that I was really taken by David Archuleta‘s performance of Dolly Parton’s song, “Smoky Mountain Memories.” I like Dolly’s music (from “Light of a Clear Blue Morning” to “Hard Candy Christmas” to her bizarre version of “Stairway to Heaven”), but I didn’t know this song, so I figured I’d go to iTunes and buy it.

So I head over to the iTunes Store from the comfort of my desk, and I see this in the “Just for You” recommendation window:

Let’s see… some Dawn Upshaw, okay, that makes sense. A few country tunes (am I giving something away?)… and wait, what’s that at number 5? I kind of love having Audra McDonald, country singer Jamie O’Neal, and Redline Tango on the same list — and I particularly love it that iTunes picked my own piece to recommend to me. That’s almost creepy.

When I told this story to Loki, he didn’t really care much about the Redline Tango thing. He just wanted to sing #7, John Rutter’s arrangement of Joy to the World. Funny kitty.


Erin says

That is pretty awesome! Go you!

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