I Heart Japan

AEJ and I have decided that our honeymoon will be in Japan — primarily Tokyo. We had the most incredible time in Japan in March, but we barely saw Tokyo. This time around, we’ll be spending the majority of our 6 days in Japan all in (or very near) Tokyo.

You can read all about our previous trip to Japan by following the links to the right (Japan, parts 1 through 5). There about 200 pictures in those entries — and that was before I went completely camera-crazy. The next trip, I may go a little overboard.

We’ll be there in late-January. Any suggestions of things we can’t miss in Tokyo? We’re already planning to attend the big sumo wrestling competition.

Oh — and we’re particularly excited about the flight. We both cashed in all of our frequent flier miles (I now have about 330 miles remaining) so that we can fly business class. Now that will be sweet.

Tim Roberts, the sax soloist in the US Navy Band (who, by the way, will be performing two movements of my sax concerto at Midwest on that Wednesday at 9pm), is writing an article about my concerto for a sax journal. They needed pictures of me, but the only pictures I had were the old headshots from roughly 7 years ago. So, I asked AEJ to take a few pictures of me on Sunday. Here’s what she got…

“Hey, look over there!”

This one was considered, but ultimately dismissed because I think I look just a little too approachable. Please. Do not approach me.

For a fascinating “before-and-after” comparison, here’s my picture from seven years ago…

… and here is almost exactly the same facial expression, but two days ago.

And for real comparison, here’s Loki — hiding under the Christmas tree.  I wish I could have submitted this one instead.

You can bet, with the Christmas season upon us, that there will be many, many more pictures of Loki doing holiday things…


Cathy says

Gosh, I wish I were able to bring some of my Tokyo memorabilia to Midwest so I can share them with you to see if you'd be interested in going to those places as well. As I have family all over Japan, the last time I went, I didn't have to worry about the whole "Where will I go?" question; just "Now, what was that again?". LOL If you'd really like, I'll try to compile a list for you from my mom & I of things that might be of interest. OH, for one, you MUST see the Ueno Zoo. While you're there, ask about the Shita ni no zoo as well. There IS a cute 3 year old's story there but much too long to leave in a comment.

Kevin Howlett says

In the old black-and-white photo you look like a human incarnation of the Master Control Program.

"Sark...All my powers are now yours. Destroy him!!!"

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