I am Sherry Palmer

“24” was a bit better last night. I like this whole “the president is an evil, evil man who has risked destroying the country just for the sake of securing our supply of oil — and he must be brought down” plot. There were still problems, though, as if the writers don’t know their own rules that they’ve established in previous seasons. Too many people had already died so that Jack could get that recording, and he lets Henderson get away with the tape just so Jack can try to save Audrey?! Sorry — Jack’s #1 reason to be alive is to save the country at any cost, and as quickly and efficiently as possible, no matter who gets hurt. This is the second time this season they’ve broken that rule. (The first time was when Jack agreed to save that little girl before getting the evidence against the President. Give me a friggin’ break. And then that chick gives up Jack’s location?! Lame, lame, lame.)

So, what “24” character am I? Well, I don’t know about this…

Sherry Palmer
You are Sherry Palmer! The villian we love to hate. A real b-i-t-c-h you know how to seduce, and black mail anyone for anything. You want to be famous and powerful..

Which “24” character are you?

What’s funny here is that if I changed one answer — making my favorite color “black” instead of “royal blue” (which isn’t really my favorite color anyway, but “chartreuse” wasn’t listed) — then I actually would have been Jack Bauer. So little separates the evil of Sherry Palmer from the good that is Jack Bauer. So very, very little.


Sarah Stern says

I'm David Palmer. I guess that means we're married? I don't watch 24.

Jake Wallace says

Random Jack Bauer Fact: If everyone on the show "24" followed Jack Bauer's instructions, the show would be called "12."

Michael Markowski says

This is all we really need to know:


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