Here, kitty, kitty…

I’ve been swamped orchestrating the finale of the concerto, but that’s finally done. I still need to write the first movement, but that shouldn’t be too bad. It’s just a little prelude-type thing. I posted the short score of the finale about 10 days ago. For the curious, feel free to check out the fully-orchestrated version (PDF).

AEJ and I spent the day at the Santa Monica Cat Show. That’s right — a full day of cats. I took — no joke — more than 400 pictures. I don’t have time to go through the pictures to make a blog entry yet, but stay tuned, ’cause like it or not, it’s comin’. And to give you a hint — just a hint — of what we saw…

So stay tuned…


Fosco! says

Great. Now I'll never sleep again.

Courtney says

That is just obscene.

Kevin Howlett says

It's a scrotum with legs. Yeah, I said it: scrotum.

Jake Wallace says

i like how he doesn't just stare at you, but rather stares straight through your mortal soul...

Mary Sietsema says

WOW! Great photos! I was an exhibitor at the Santa Monica Cat Show and had a wonderful time there! I show Maine Coons and while I or my cat are not in your photos I did recognize all the people and most of the cats!
Thanks so much for sharing your photos!

Jackie LaTorres says

I wasn't at Santa Monica (I was at home, taking care of the cats who didn't get to go), but my sister & brother-in-law were. They weren't in your pictures on the blog-I have to check the others-but I LOVED the picture of an American Curl kitten. I don't know what species Loki is, but it's a good bet that a Curl would keep up with him: They are called the "Peter Pan of the Cat World" for a reason.

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