Here comes the Ho (ho ho)

The Christmas Spirit has started his attack on the Mackey household.  AEJ and I bought a bunch of cheery outdoor decorations at Target yesterday.  Sometime over the next few days, I need to figure out how to get a good photograph of the outdoor cheer.

AEJ has a bit of a thing for collecting Christmas trees. We have a huge white one with white lights (you can read about its arrival in this previous entry), a small blue one with no lights, a small gold one with lights, a small turquoise one with lights, and a 7.5 foot green tinsel tree with green lights.

Loki likes the turquoise one because it works well with his eyes.

I’ve had the Sirius Classical Pops Christmas channel on constant play when I’m in the car. Man alive, what a huge improvement over the gawd-awful Christmas Pop channel I’ve ranted about in the past.

The fireplace is being refaced, so for now our stockings are in the foyer. I kind of dig them there.

Lots and lots of work going on here at the house. Between that, getting ready for Midwest, and getting ready for Christmas, things are busy. Any of you going to Midwest? It’s only about 10 days away now…


Montoya says

I sure am... and boy am I thirsty!

Scott says

Isn't it nice to decorate for Christmas in your own house? Something about a house beats an apartment or condo.

I hope I get the chance to meet you at Midwest, John. I enjoy reading your blog!

Tara says

I'm going to Midwest! Although, I don't actually know you... but I met you in OK...

I enjoy your blog- you crack me up! I found the "men in jackets" especially hilarious. Keep it up.


Brett A. Richardson says

Sure am, John. Fred, David, myself and the boys will see you there!

Travis Taylor says

Mackey goes to Target, does that make it Chic now?


Cathy says

I'll be at Midwest.

Doesn't Target have the best decorations??

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