Hello, Kitty!!!

One of AEJ’s Christmas presents arrived yesterday. I know — it’s May. But it took months to get this thing made. I think it was worth it.

We’ve always loved this picture of Loki, our cat. We refer to it as Loki’s headshot.

We’ve also thought for a long time that it would be hilarious to get a portrait made of Loki. So, with that photograph as the “inspiration,” we commissioned… this.

Isn’t it both adorable — and hilarious?! We LOVE it. Now we just need to find a house, with a perfect spot on the wall, where we can hang it…


Kevin Howlett says

Jesus Christ, that's creepy.

Jonathan says

That's rather hilarious.

My grandmother had one of her cats cremated and has its urn on her mantle, next to my granfather's.

Travis Taylor says

My Beloved cat Ruffles disappeared almost a month ago. I wish I had a portrait of him.



Cathy says

Is that on velvet???
Interesting idea, John....

Your #1 Mom says

This is an amazing picture of Loki. It is so lifelike that it almost looks even more ALIVE than the original picture. I would like to consider having a portrait done of Yo Yo (Ma).

Love You,

Connie Miller says

Awesome! And it looks huge...is it? Cuz that makes it even more wonderfully weird. Loki is one gorgeous kitty.

Mark S. says

That could really scare people.

It's cute, but, If I was robbing your house (not saying I will), and I saw that, I would say something out loud.

And it will probably begin with the letter 's', and have 'Oh' in front of it.

jim says

Dr. Erb would definitely approve.

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