Heading to NYC

I’m off to New York tomorrow morning.  On Friday night, the International Honors Wind Symphony will perform “Kingfishers Catch Fire” at Avery Fisher Hall (home of the NY Philharmonic) at Lincoln Center.  Then, on Sunday at 2pm, the National Collegiate Wind Ensemble, under the direction of H. Robert Reynolds, will ALSO perform “Kingfishers Catch Fire” — this time at Carnegie Hall.  So in the craziest act of scheduling ever, and something that can only happen once in my lifetime, I will have performances of the same piece of music on the same weekend at both Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall.  This, plus the best wife in the world, and what is turning out to be the sweetest kitchen I’ve ever stepped foot into…  I’m one lucky S-O-B.

Speaking of the kitchen, it’s amazing how far it’s come in only three weeks. A full demolition down to the studs, new walls, repositioning of doorways, electrical, paint, floors, cabinets, countertops, and plumbing, plus the previously unplanned full gut renovation of the laundry room — all in three weeks. Today, our cabinets were adjusted, the cabinet hardware installed, and our contractor installed our sink and garbage disposal. We now have a functional sink in our kitchen! Seriously — life is good.

See you in NYC!


Amanda Lyon says

Thanks for stopping by to work with us today! I apologize for the out of tune second flutes..... :(

Are you going to be at both concerts? I'd like to read your opinions of our performance if you are. :)


Dorothy says

Ok, so the fact that you spend a lot of blog posts talking about food made me do a double-take in a magazine yesterday. They had asked all these food people to list their favorite restaurants in the world and why, and one restaurant was listed and the blurb credited to none other than John Mackey. Appparently you share your name with the founder of Whole Foods. Who knows, maybe you can get a discount from now on.

RMC says

Sweet sink, beautiful counter tops, now I can't wait to see the AMAZING BACKSPLASH!

Hope you're well -

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