Heading to Disney Hall

I’m leaving bright and early tomorrow morning to fly to Tempe, Arizona, for a recording session at Arizona State University.  The Wind Symphony there, conducted by Gary Hill, is recording my Soprano Sax Concerto, with the absolutely phenomenal Timothy McAllister playing the solo part.  I’m sure it’s going to be a great session.  The combination of Gary’s band at ASU — most definitely among the best in the world — and Tim — whom many consider to be the best soprano sax player in the US — would be tough to top.  I’m really excited that they’re recording the concerto.

That, alone, would make for a big week, but it doesn’t stop there. On Tuesday, I travel with the band to Los Angeles, because on Wednesday night at 7pm, the group (again with Tim McAllister) is performing my Soprano Sax Concerto at Disney Hall. Disney Friggin’ Hall! (I think that’s what they were originally going to call it.) I’ve had a few performances at Disney Hall in the past, but it never worked out for me to attend them. So, this will be the first time that I’ll hear my own music in Disney. Wow.

While I’m in LA, I’m having dinner at perhaps my favorite restaurant in the world, Jinpachi (which I’ve blogged about before). There is no better sushi anywhere east of Tokyo.

On the kitchen front, the tile installer is sponging off the grout as I type, so I think I have some kitchen photos coming up…


Eduardo says

Amazing performance of the Concerto at Disney Hall! Congrats and hope there's a recording coming out by ASU and Tim because that was great performance!

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