Happy Xmas

First up, check out this site: Free-Albums Galore. I’d never heard of it until they linked here, but now that I’ve found it, it’ll be on my list of regularly-viewed info blogs. Very cool idea for a blog.

And now, the main event! Yes, it’s time for photos from XMas 2005!

A few days before Christmas, AEJ and I drove over to Griffith Park for the big Christmas light show. After a roughly 40-minute crawl through traffic in the park, we reached the first of the lights. (DWP stands for Department of Water and Power, the sponsor of the big festival.)

Watch out, little Toyota! That triceratops is gonna get you! (I’m not quite sure why the Christmas light festival featured dinosaurs.)

After passing a light representation of the Griffith Park Observatory and the LA airports, we reached Hollywood! Lights, camera, holiday cheer!

My personal favorite holiday symbol, the snowman.

Look! A Christmas elf, flying a jet! This should totally be the image on the cover of Turbine.

Wow, what are the chances? Not only was there the display about Turbine, but there was a display about AEJ’s movie!

And just like jets, dinosaurs, and cowboys, what says Christmas more than this?

On Christmas, Loki found his wrapping paper.

I’m serious. That’s really Loki on all of that paper. AEJ had the paper custom-printed. It was hilarious seeing that many Lokis. The sad thing was tearing the paper.

Stocking time! Loki made this stocking for AEJ.

In my stocking, I got this handsome pirate eye patch. Aarrrr, matey. After I drink my coffee, I’ll make you walk the Christmas plank. (That sounds like a euphemism.)

Here’s what Loki put in AEJ’s stocking. I pitched in a little for the Chococat clock, but Loki managed almost all of this himself, courtesy of the local $.99 store. Loki is very frugal.

Loki was most excited about this beautifully-crafted little item — again, from the $.99 store, if you can believe that. What is that cat whispering? I don’t know if you can read the bottom, but it says “Sports Jian Jian.” Indeed. How could this have only cost $.99?!?!

After stocking time, it was breakfast: monkey bread! Yummy. It’s basically biscuit dough, cut up and shaken in a bag of cinnamon and sugar, covered in loads of butter, and baked. Mmmm….

Gift-opening ’05: The Aftermath.

As we waited for dinner, I started a fire. My first fire ever (in my first working fireplace)! Loki liked it.

Instead of one of the usual Christmas dinners, we opted to mix it up a little. We wanted AEJ’s delicious mashed potatoes, but that was our only requirement. AEJ suggested that I make pork & sauerkraut, one of my childhood favorites. Not very photogenic, but delicious.

Our cozy fire is totally cracklin’ now!

After dinner, it was time for playtime. AEJ (or, rather, Santa) got me two sets of pirate-themed Legos. (Now you understand the above eyepatch.)

We had a lot of fun putting them together. Here’s the captain, complete with parrot.

We’re under attack!

This guy was clearly not keeping guard, so he has to walk the plank.

Arrgg! Here’s me ship!

This is Skull Island (the other Lego set).

The pirate ship is attacking Skull Island! Oh no!!!

WTF? Is that a whale? A shark?! No! It’s AEJ’s killer bunny slippers that she got for Christmas!

And that crazy cat is back, attacking the mast of the ship!

Captain! Look out behind you! They’re coming at us from all sides!

Oh, the carnage!

That’s it, I’m afraid. Fortunately, this weekend, Newman and his better half are coming to stay with us, and I’m sure there will be pictures of our activities (including Eric Whitacre’s highly-anticipated New Year’s party). Stay tuned, and until then, beware the killer bunny slippers.


Daniel Montoya, Jr. says

I hereby nominate this post as "Mackey's Finest Post EVER!"

Sarah Stern says

i'm amazed that you found a partner who will humor you. wow.

Kevin Howlett says

For a while this morning, the picture of you with the coffee and the pirate patch was my desktop wallpaper. I garnered lots of great comments about it, but the one I treasured the most was:

"That guy looks like a character from a Farrelly Brothers movie."

I took it down shortly thereafter.

Santa Claus says

Cool pics!
I am glad you liked the leggos I brought you ho ho ho

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