Happy Earth Day

To celebrate, AEJ and I bought a Prius yesterday.  Seriously.  Wow, what a fun gadget this is.  I’d take pictures, but we have to take it back to Toyota this morning to get the Sirius radio and alarm installed.  But I promise you — pictures to come…


Travis Taylor says

Should've gotten a Honda Civic, they're so much cooler... But, yeah, the Prius is a pretty cool car. I'm planning a trip to Iceland this fall or next, and I'm renting a Prius.


Nikk says

Ha! I just saw you on TV.

Kevin Howlett says

I thought the Tesla Roadster was more your speed.

Mark S. says

as long as a car gets me where I want without me pushing, and has decent gas miliage, I'll be fine :D

Ria says


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