Great Concert, Dinner to come

H. Robert Reynolds and the USC Wind Ensemble just played the hell out of Redline Tango. I can’t think of a better performance of the piece. Everybody nailed it. As I said to the audience when I introduced the piece before the performance, Mr. Reynolds and the USC players give the kind of performances that make me happy to be a composer.
AEJ and I are heading out for our last LA dinner. I’ve kind of pressured her into a second visit to In-N-Out Burger. I can’t help myself…

Tomorrow will be spent on a plane, and Tuesday will largely be spent going to pick up Loki from AEJ’s sister’s house, where he’s been staying (and playing) for the past several days. I’ll try to write an entry on Wednesday… Thursday, I’m off to the University of Kansas, where John Lynch is performing — and making the first session recording! — of Redline Tango.

Gotta run — In-N-Out beckons!


Avguste Antonov says

Mr Mackey
My name is Avguste Antonov.I am piano major at the University of Kansas and I am also member of the University of Kansas Wind Ensemble.
Your piece "Redline Tango" is great.Although I am not the one playing your piece(for this concert we are two pianist) I find the piano part of "Redline Tango" very well written.
See you in Lawrence

Avguste Antonov

Natalia says

Wow...I found your blog very randomly. I was searching for something about Lamar and I saw "John Mackey" and I was like..."Hey! Thats they guy doing the song for Lamar!"
Anyway...I play bassoon in the West Brook Band and I'm really excited that I will get a chance to hear it. It has gotten a lot of praise from my Lamar friends so...yay!

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