Great article!

Remember a few weeks ago, when I mentioned the interview I did with a writer from the Beaumont Enterprise — the newspaper in Beaumont — about my new piece, “Sasparilla”? The story is now on the paper’s website, and it appears that although I certainly said a lot of dumb stuff, the writer, Mary Vandeventer, avoided printing any of it. (Thanks, Mary!)
Here’s the story.

I’m having a really nice time at the University of Kansas. I think tonight’s performance will be great. John Lynch has added some things to the piece — like “double-stops” in the soprano sax cadenza — that will definitely make it into future revisions.

I’m excited for Monday. My new “toys” will be arriving. I bought a new computer monitor and a VESA mount (so I can move it around the desk and even pivot it 90 degrees, making it “portrait” view — better for viewing score pages). I should also receive a CD of Lamar’s most recent rehearsal of Sasparilla, and I can’t wait to hear it!

I’m off to the KU wind ensemble’s “touch-up” rehearsal, followed by dinner, and what is sure to be a great concert.


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