Gay High School Musical

AEJ and I were watching American Idol the other night, and I just can’t get enough of my two most-hated contestants — both of whom miraculously made it to the final 36.  There’s Tatiana del Toro (called “worst reality-show contestant ever” and “a one-woman train-wreck” by the LA Times), seen here in her mermaid dress :

… and Nathaniel Marshall, the only contestant who can match Tatiana’s level of over-the-top weepy drama:

Just a sample of them together — and I’m SOOOOO excited that somebody excerpted this.  This is the moment when Tatiana gets into the Top 36.  Nathaniel’s reaction is absolutely the best thing I’ve seen on Idol in years.  You can’t fake love like that.

These two are a PERFECT couple. I’m sure they’ll be the first two voted off, but I hope that when they do leave Idol, they’ll find a way to be together 4evR. I told AEJ that they should star in a movie, maybe “Gay High School Musical.” To which AEJ asked, “Gay High School Musical? What was the first one?”


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Mark S. says

Drama is what fuels the television economy.

The first high school musical was "Completely-unrealistic-and-almost-stereotypical high school musical"

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